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Our people make the difference.


Name Research Interests
Hannah Landecker, Director social and historical study of biotechnology and life science from 1900-present; intersections of biology and technology, with a particular focus on cells; in vitro conditions of life in research settings landecker@soc.ucla.edu
Life Sciences Building 3313
Soraya de Chadarevian,
Vice Chair of Academic Personnel
history of biology and medicine, nineteenth and twentieth century with special focus on history of molecular biology and genetics post-World War II; material cultures of experimentation, especially the role of technologies, images and models in the production and circulation of scientific knowledge; technoscience/medicine, industry and the state; science/medicine and the military; historiographical issues chadarevian@history.ucla.edu
(310) 267-4767
Life Sciences Building 3323C
Jessica Lynch Alfaro,   Vice Chair of Undergraduate Education mating strategies; evolution of social behavior and social learning; phylogenetics and phylogeography; Neotropical primates; reproductive endocrinology; masculinity and violence; sex and gender in biological, social and developmental contexts jlynchalfaro@ucla.edu
(310) 206-1889
Life Sciences Building 3323E

Administrative Support

Name Title
Ana Wevill Chief Administrative Officer ana@socgen.ucla.edu
(310) 267-5471
Life Sciences Building 3360A
Jonathan Bates Academic Personnel Coordinator jbates@socgen.ucla.edu
(310) 825-2127
Life Sciences Building 3360D
Amisha Gadani Senior Artist agadani@socgen.ucla.edu
Life Sciences Building 3323B


Name Research Interests
Michael Alfaro diversification and macroevolution; evolutionary morphology; theoretical phylogenetics; reef fish molecular systematics michaelalfaro@ucla.edu
Terasaki 2154
Patrick Allard
gene-environment interaction and its relevance to health and society
Allison Carruth American literature; contemporary fiction; new media art; art-science collaboration; the interplay of food cultures, bioscience and environmental movements; the infrastructure and rhetoric of digital culture acarruth@humnet.ucla.edu
Debra Greenfield law and emerging biotechnologies, including intellectual property and property law; privacy and human genetic material and information dgreenf@ucla.edu
Wayne Grody diagnostic molecular pathology; human genetics; DNA-based testing for genetic, infectious and neoplastic diseases; quality assurance and ethical guidelines for DNA-based genetic testing; DNA fingerprinting wgrody@mednet.ucla.edu
Martie G. Haselton how evolution has shaped the social mind; human intimate relationships and sexuality, their endocrine foundations, and their links to outcomes with broad social relevance, including health haselton@ucla.edu
Christopher Kelty anthropological and historical research on science and technology; free and open source software; intellectual property and open access; politics of electronic voting; history of software; ethics and politics of nanotechnology ckelty@socgen.ucla.edu
(310) 267-4775
Life Sciences Building 3318
Russell Korobkin health care law; stem cell law and policy korobkin@law.ucla.edu
Rachel Lee Asian American literature, performance culture, and studies of gender and sexuality rlee@humnet.ucla.edu
(310) 825-7515
Humanities 234
Megan McEvoy organism-environment interactions; protein biochemistry; microbiology; antibiotic resistance mcevoymm@ucla.edu
(310) 825-9635
Boyer Hall 302
Christina Palmer implications on genetic testing for deafness; examination of the inter-relationships among research methodologies/technologies, advocacy groups and perspectives on deafness and how they impact the lives of all individuals cpalmer@mednet.ucla.edu
Semel 47-422
Aaron Panofsky sociology of science and knowledge; social theory; cultural sociology; social change; the causes and consequences of controversy in behavior genetics; the impact of patient advocacy on medical genetics; how genetics affects different fields of knowledge; the relationship between expertise and democracy in decision making; governance of science apanofsky@socgen.ucla.edu
(310) 206-9362
Life Sciences Building 3323D
Michelle Rensel behavioral endocrinology; neuroendocrinology; avian physiology; behavioral ecology; avian cognition; ornithology mrensel@ucla.edu
(310) 267-5378
Life Sciences Building 3365A
Janet Sinsheimer human genetics; biomathematics and the application of statistical methodology in human genetic analysis; statistical methods related to maternal-fetal genotype incompatability; estimating ethnic ancestry from DNA data janet@mednet.ucla.edu
Stefan Timmermans ethnography; sociology of health and illness; science and technology of the body, death and dying; interpretive theories related to genetics; qualitative research methods stefan@soc.ucla.edu

Faculty Emeritus

Name Research Interests
Joan Silk how natural selection shapes evolution of social behavior in primates; behavioral and reproductive strategies in Old World monkey species; questions that link studies of nonhuman primates to humans; phylogenic roots of capacities that relate to nonhuman and human societies Joan.Silk@asu.edu
Norton Wise history of science, eighteenth to twentieth centuries; co-evolution of science and society; science and political economy; gardens as culture/economic projectors; the gendering of scientific ideas nortonw@history.ucla.edu


Name Research Interests
Mi Kyung Kim medical and psychological anthropology; health and healing traditions; body and embodiment mikkim@ucla.edu
Rachel Vaughn intersections of food politics, food sovereignty, and feminist environmental theory by way of oral history research with scavengers, foragers, and dumpster divers of varying food security levels and socio-economic backgrounds.  rvaughn@women.ucla.edu


Name Research Interests

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Name Research Interests
Hazel Byrne neotropical primates; phylogenetic systematics; evolutionary genomics; taxonomy; primate evolution; biogeography hbyrne@ucla.edu
Life Sciences Building 3323A
Anne Le Goff philosophy: ethics & bioethics, human/animal nature alegoff@socgen.ucla.edu
Life Science Building 3317
Alexandra Lippman cultural anthropology; science and technology studies; open access; alternative intellectual property; sound studies; Brazil alippman@ucla.edu
Life Sciences Building 3323A

Graduate Student Associates

Research Interests


Name Department
Hal Ackerman Theater, Film and Television hack@tft.ucla.edu
Stefan Bargheer Sociology bargheer@soc.ucla.edu
Clark Barrett Anthropology barrett@anthro.ucla.edu
Patrick Boudreault Deaf Studies pboudreault@usfca.edu
Dan Blumstein Ecology and Evolutionary Biology marmots@ucla.edu
Joel Braslow Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences jbraslow@ucla.edu
Elizabeth Bromley Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences ebromley@mednet.ucla.edu
Carole Browner Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences browner@ucla.edu
Steven Clarke Chemistry and Biochemistry clarke@mbi.ucla.edu
Christopher Colwell School of Medicine ccolwell@mednet.ucla.edu
JoAnn Damron-Rodriguez Public Affairs jdamron@ucla.edu
Naghmeh Dorrani School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Genetics NDorrani@mednet.ucla.edu
Dan Fessler Anthropology dfessler@anthro.ucla.edu
Michelle Fox School of Medicine, Pediatrics + Pediatric Genetics mfox@mednet.ucla.edu
Tony Friscia UEI; Integrative Biology and Physiology tonyf@ucla.edu
Patrick Geary History geary@ias.edu
Jim Gimzewski Chemistry and Nanotechnology gim@chem.ucla.edu
Myrna Hant Center for the Study of Women myrnahant@aol.com
Steve Hubbell Ecology and Evolutionary Biology shubbell@eeb.ucla.edu
Neil Malamuth Communication Studies; Psychology nmalamut@ucla.edu
Joseph Manson Anthropology jmanson@anthro.ucla.edu
Ariadna Martinez Jules Stein Eye Institute amartinez@jsei.ucla.edu
Edward R.B. McCabe University of Colorado at Denver edward.mccabe@ucdenver.edu
Linda McCabe University of Colorado at Denver linda.mccabe@ucdenver.edu
Kyle McJunkin Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education kyle.mcjunkin@colorado.edu
Marcia Meldrum History meldrum@history.ucla.edu
Daniel Morrison Pepperdine University Dan.Morrison@pepperdine.edu
Jennifer Mnookin Law mnookin@law.ucla.edu
Peter Nonacs Ecology and Evolutionary Biology pnonacs@biology.lifesci.ucla.edu
John Novembre Ecology and Evolutionary Biology jnovembre@ucla.edu
Kathy O’Byrne UCLA Center for Community Learning kobyrne@college.ucla.edu
Elinor Ochs Anthropology eochs@anthro.ucla.edu
María José Martínez Patiño  Sports Sciences mariajosemartinezpatino@gmail.com
Matteo Pellegrini Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology matteop@mcdb.ucla.edu
Susan Perry Anthropology sperry@anthro.ucla.edu
Mark Peterson Public Policy; Political Science markap@ucla.edu
Ted Porter History tporter@history.ucla.edu
Brooke Scelza Anthropology bscelza@anthro.ucla.edu
Barney Schlinger Integrative Biology and Physiology, EEB schlinge@lifesci.ucla.edu
Seana Shiffrin Philosophy; Law shiffrin@law.ucla.edu
Erica Silver Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center esilver@mednet.ucla.edu
Victoria Sork Ecology and Evolutionary Biology vlsork@ucla.edu
Annette Stanton Psychology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences astanton@ucla.edu
Charles Taylor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology taylor@biology.ucla.edu
Victoria Vesna Design and Media Arts vv@ucla.edu
Robert Wayne Ecology and Evolutionary Biology rwayne@biology.ucla.edu
Alice Wexler arwexler@ucla.edu
Juliet Williams Gender Studies jawilliams@gender.ucla.edu
Lynne Zucker Sociology; Public Policy lynne.g.zucker@gmail.com


Name Research Interests
Olivia Banner race in a postracial/postgenomic era; cultural interrogations of genetic discourses of race, sex, sexuality, and disability; virus narrative olivia.banner@utdallas.edu
Ruha Benjamin science, medicine & biotechnology; history and social studies of racial & gender taxonomies; science policy, public health, and critical social theory ruha@princeton.edu
Mara Buchbinder anthropology of biomedicine; clinical communication and the physician-patient relationship; families, health, and illness; language, narrative, and healing; science and technology studies; and more mara_buchbinder@med.unc.edu
Chris Conway role of molecular genetic research in shaping the classification of mental disorders; and more conway@wm.edu
Gabriela Cybis stochastic models for evolutionary processes, viral evolution, cancer dynamics gcybis@yahoo.com
Joan Donovan social movements, classical and contemporary theory, comparative historical methods, digital ethnography, sociology of knowledge, science and technology studies, medical sociology, qualitative methods, and social inequalities. jmdonovan@ucla.edu
Erik Gjesfjeld archaeology; modeling cultural evolution; human behavioral ecology; phylogenetic and network methods; human history and genetics; colonization and settlement of remote and extreme environments; impact of natural disasters on island and coastal populations eg540@cam.ac.uk
Carrie Friese emergent relationships produced at the interface of reproductive and genetic science and society c.friese@lse.ac.uk
Bradley Fidler information technology and psychiatric drug markets fidler@ucla.edu
Laura Foster patent law and indigenous communities; tangible versus intangible intellectual property fosterl@indiana.edu
Nathan Ha history of biology and medicine, especially genetics in the twentieth century; gender and sexuality studies; scientific constructions of sexual and racial differences; public understanding of science; US cultural history
Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook cognitive, evolutionary, and health psychology; the role of hormones in shaping maternal psychology and behavior hahnholb@chapman.edu
Lianna Hart qualitative methods; health care and illness; mental health; gender; families; disabilities liannahart@ucla.edu
Jaehwan Hyun history of biomedicine; science and technology studies; post-colonial studies; the post-World War II history of human genetics in South Korea and Japan; the role of genetic knowledge in political debate sisyphus.gg@gmail.com
Karen Kapheim evolutionary genomics and behavioral ecology of social plasticity in bees kapheimk@illinois.edu
Anja Karnein contemporary political theory and philosophy, history of political thought (early modern and 19th/20th century), theories of (intergenerational) justice, freedom, and democrarcy as well as bioethics karnein@em.uni-frankfurt.de
Matthew Keller testing evolutionary hypotheses using human genetic data, and modeling and simulating genetically informative designs that better enable us to understand the causes of human differences matthew.c.keller@colorado.edu
Brent Kious biomedical ethics, ethics of biomedical enhancements to athletic performance
Martine Lappé sociology of health and illness; science and technology studies; autism; gender and embodiment; risk; feminist theory; qualitative methods
Nadine Levin anthropology of the contemporary life sciences (metabolomics, the microbiome, nutrition science); science and technology studies (STS); the intersections between data, metabolism, and health in biomedicine; open science (including open access and open data) and intellectual property nadine.sarah.levin@gmail.com
James Li independent and interactive effects of genetic and environmental risk factors in the etiology of childhood psychological disorders; differential susceptibility and genetic plasticity; and more james.li@wisc.edu
John Marshall genetic engineering, malaria, mathematical biology, population genetics, global health, mosquito control, biosafety john.marshall@imperial.ac.uk
Lisa Onaga history of biology; history of science and technology in East Asia from the nineteenth through the twenty-first century, especially genetic and agricultural experimentation in Japan; and more lonaga@ntu.edu.sg
Shobita Parthasarathy comparative and international politics of genetics and biotechnology; the politics of the patent system; regulation of genetic medicine; the governance of geoengineering; and more shobita@umich.edu
Suzanne Pelka individual and couples’ sex therapysexual addiction treatmentsexual anorexia treatmentmale sexual dysfunctionsfemale sexual dysfunctionserectile dysfunction, and more info@drpelka.com
Tage Rai social-relational motives and cognitive constraints that drive our moral actions across cultures tage.rai@gmail.com
Francisco J. Sánchez biological basis for sex differences; sexual development; human sexuality; translational science; counseling psychology sanchezf@missouri.edu
Sharlene Santana evolution of morphology, performance and behavior; diversification; bats, primates and other mammals; tropical ecology; genetic basis of behavioral and morphological traits; biomechanics ssantana@uw.edu
Jennifer Smith evolutionary origins of cooperation; causes and consequences of maternal effects; social decision-making in mammals; reproductive endocrinology; and more jesmith@mills.edu
Lindsay Smith genetic technologies as part of international reconstruction and repair initiatives; medical anthropology; social anthropology; large scale DNA databanking; human rights and DNA lindsaysmith@unm.edu
Ingrid Steinberg the ethics of childhood, children’s rights, paternalism, moral development, and personal identity
Elani Streja genetics of inflammatory markers and the development of cerebral palsy in a Denmark cohort; racial paradoxes in survival of chronic kidney disease elani@ucla.edu
Krishna Veeramath human (with particular emphasis on sub-Saharan African populations) and primate population genetics evolutionary medicine,pharmacogenetics and the genetics of childhood neurological disorder veeramah@email.arizona.edu
Rachael Willhite gender differences in the psychosis prodrome