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2014 | Eric Vilain, et.al – Mutant Cohesin in Premature Ovarian Failure

ISG Director, Eric Vilain, and his research team have published a […]

2013 | Christina Palmer, et.al – Using a social marketing framework to evaluate recruitment of a prospective study of genetic counseling and testing for the deaf community.

ISG faculty, Christina Palmer and Janet Sinsheimer, along with ISG […]

2013 | LIMN, Issue 3: Sentinel Devices

ISG faculty Dr. Christopher Kelty co-edits the scholarly magazine, LIMN, devoted […]

2013 | Hannah Landecker + Aaron Panofsky – From Social Structure to Gene Regulation, and Back: A Critical…

ISG professors Dr. Hannah Landecker and Dr. Aaron Panofsky have published a paper […]

2013 | Patrick Allard – “A C. elegans Screening Platform for the Rapid Assessment of Chemical…”

ISG faculty Patrick Allard published a paper, “A C. elegans Screening Platform […]

2013 | Christina Palmer et.al – “Deaf Genetic Testing and Psychological Well-Being in Deaf Adults”

ISG faculty Christina Palmer, Janet Sinsheimer, and Wayne Grody along with ISG […]

2013 | Melissa Hines – “Gonadal Hormone Influences on Human Neurobehavioral Development…

ISG Visiting Scholar, Melissa Hines, published the article, “Gonadal Hormone […]

2013 | Michael Alfaro et.al – “A Multilocus Molecular Phylogeny Of Boxfishes…”

ISG Faculty, Michael Alfaro, along with Francesco Santini, Laurie Sorenson, […]