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Human Altruism Traces Back To the Origins of Humanity

Humans are generally highly cooperative and often impressively altruistic, quicker […]

Chimpanzees Spontaneously Initiate and Maintain Cooperative Behavior

Without any pre-training or restrictions in partner choice among chimpanzees, […]

Altruism, Egoism: Brain Exercises Cognitive Analysis

Sociality, cooperation and “prosocial” behaviors are the foundation of human […]

Altruistic Adolescents Less Likely to Become Depressed, Study Says

 It is better to give than to receive — at […]

Fairness ‘can evolve through spite’

Fairness may have darker evolutionary roots than expected, a new […]

As Babies, We Knew Morality.

Several years ago, an energetic young mother, Tia, was out […]