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Undergraduate Group For Society And Genetics

Welcome!  UCLA Society and Genetics Undergraduate Organization (or, SocGen for short) is as unique as the HBS major. We aim to build a solid foundation not only between the sciences, humanities, and social sciences, but also between undergraduate students and the Institute for Society and Genetics. Students of all majors and backgrounds are welcome!

Our goals include:

-connecting students w/ core events of the Institute of Society & Genetics (e.g. assisting with graduation and symposiums, providing annual feedback about the HBS major curriculum)

-connecting students to professors/faculty/counselors (e.g. quarterly “Tea Time” w/ Professors)

-providing discussion events regarding current SocGen issues/news (e.g. Movie Night: The Dallas Buyers’ Club)

-providing professional development workshops (e.g. resume building, career panels, HBS major application workshop)

  • President: Angela Hu
  • Vice President: Michael Abassian
  • Mentorship Chairs: Yolanda Pham, Erin Keizur
  • Education Outreach Chair: Diana Tang
  • Professional Relations Chair: Madeleine Monroe
  • Member Relations & Publicity Chairs: Sally Oh, Marbella Avalos
  • Finance Chair: Tristan Chester


WEBSITE and CONTACT INFORMATION: http://socgenucla.wix.com/sguo