Undergraduate Group For Society And Genetics

Welcome!   The Society and Genetics Undergraduate Organization at UCLA connects students in the Human Biology and Society major, Society and Genetics minor, and those interested in the intersection of science and society, to one another. Additionally, we help to connect students to the events and happenings of the Institute of Society and Genetics at UCLA, faculty, and counselors. We participate in many different workshops and facilitate discussion events to increase our knowledge of current society and genetics issues and news. Finally, we provide a student mentorship program for incoming major and minor students in order to ease the transition and answer any questions one might have. In the past, we’ve enjoyed movie nights, dinner with ISG faculty members, and involvement in departmental workshop and symposium events.  We hope that you will join us in planning new activities and exploring the cutting-edge issues of this post-genomic era!

Student Group Executive Officers:  Norma Boster, Rudy Cornejo, and Jennifer Huang

Contact: socgen.ucla@gmail.com