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Tentative Society and Genetics course offerings for 2016-17
Visit Schedule of Classes and select Winter 2017 or Spring 2017 to see the tentative offerings for all departments, or view our one-page PDF of our tentative teaching plan

Log into the CCLE website through your Bruin log-on ID to access the course offerings by each quarter. If the syllabus is made available, you will be able to click on it under “Syllabus”

Course Descriptions for Society and Genetics
View all of our course descriptions for Society and Genetics through the registrar’s website

GE CLUSTER PROGRAMS (cross-listed with SOC GEN)
GE CLST M71ABCW: Biotechnology and Society 
GE CLST M72ABCW: Sex: From Biology to Gendered Society
Read more about the College’s Freshman Cluster Program here.

SOC GEN 195CE: Community and Corporate Internship course
Learn more about our internship course through our website or by visiting the Center for Community Learning