ISG Retreat 2011 Photos

The UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics held its Fall Retreat this past September. During the event, ISG Staff, Faculty, and Fellows presented on the direction of the Center, their roles at the Center, and their ongoing research. It was an opportunity to become reacquainted with one another, updated on the goings-on at ISG, and be introduced to the new Fellows and Visiting Scholars. Below are some photos of this memorable day.

The UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics Fall Retreat 2011 took place at the beautiful Marion Davies Guest House, part of the Annenberg Community Beach House property. The house sits adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway, on the sand of Santa Monica Beach.
ISG Graduate Fellow Chris Conway introduces himself and his research to the members of the Institute for Society and Genetics.
ISG Postdoctoral Fellow Nathan Ha introduces himself and his research.
From left to right, ISG Adjunct Assistant Professor Debra Greenfield, Graduate Fellow James Li, and Department of English Adjunct Assistant Professor Lejla Kucukalic.
Background from left to right, ISG Assistant Director Jessica Lynch Alfaro, Director Eric Vilain, and Professor Soraya de Chadarevian look on as Associate Professor Hannah Landecker addresses Nathan Ha.
ISG Postdoctoral Fellow Sharlene Santana describes her research on mammalian color patterns.
Faculty and Fellows break for lunch, enjoying coffee and conversation next to Santa Monica Beach.
Graduate Fellows James Li and Chris Conway chat during the lunch break.
ISG Student Affairs Officer Rich Moushegian gets the audience excited about new twins—the new major programs, Human Biology and Society, BA, and Human Biology and Society, BS.
Director Eric Vilain describes his visit to the Hunterian Museum at Royal College, London.
Administrative Coordinator Takamasa Imai introduces himself to the audience while Center Manager Ana Wevill looks on in the background.
New Postdoctoral Fellow Lisa Onaga introduces her research on the relationship between genetics and national identity in Japan.
Associate Professor Christopher Kelty provides the introduction for the next speaker.
Graduate Fellow James Li takes the stage to describe his research to his new colleagues.
Visiting Scholar Christophe Bonneuil addresses the audience.
ISG Postdoctoral Fellow Jennifer Smith, getting assistance from Charles Darwin and Lord Tennyson.
Retreat attendees facing an out-of-frame respondent. From left to right, back row: Sharlene Santana (hidden), Chris Conway, Debra Greenfield, James Li, and Nathan Ha (hidden). Next row: ISG Board Member Rita Rothman, MCDB Associate Professor Matteo Pellegrini, and Christophe Bonneuil. Next Row: ISG Board Member Robin Carnesale, Soraya de Chadarevian, Lisa Onaga, and Department of Neurology Associate Clinical Professor John Ringman.
Attendees focus on the presentation. From left to right: Takamasa Imai, Department of Anthropology Professor Clark Barrett, Sharlene Santana, Chris Conway, Debra Greenfield, James Li, and Nathan Ha.
After the talks, attendees break for a reception. Here, faculty and staff pause for a quick snapshot. Foreground from left to right, Ana Wevill, Sharlene Santana, Rich Moushegian, and Lisa Onaga.
Jennifer Smith and Takamasa Imai chat in front of a picture of Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., on a wall of the Marion Davies Guest House.
Soraya de Chadarevian and Jessica Lynch Alfaro pause for a snapshot.
Chris Conway and James Li enjoy drinks and discussion with new colleague Christopher Kelty.
Debra Greenfield.
Chris Conway.
James Li.
Nathan Ha.
Jennifer Smith.
John Ringman
ISG affiliate and EEB Associate Professor Michael Alfaro.
Christophe Bonneuil.
Clark Barrett listens intently as Robin Carnesale and ISG Director Eric Vilain have a discussion.
Lisa Onaga.
Retreat attendees try posing for a group photo, with varying levels of success.
Attempt number two at group photo.
After the Retreat and reception, Postdoctoral Scholar Jennifer Smith and Center Manager Ana Wevill decide to stroll the beach, stopping for a waterside snapshot.
Ana, Jenn Smith, and Sharlene Santana pose for a waterside shot.


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