Yonatan Binyam

UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow

3365 LSB

Yonatan Binyam is a scholar of religions whose work investigates the intersections between religion and identity, especially the influence of Christian ideologies on the historical developments of anti-Semitism and race. He has researched the appropriation of Josephus’s Jewish War in late-antique Christianity, as well as the readaptations of Sefer Yosippon among medieval Coptic and Ethiopic Christians. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Society and Genetics, he is analyzing the modes of race-making (as the term is understood in premodern critical race studies) that occur within Christian discourses of late antiquity.

Selected publications:

“The Ethiopic Books of Maccabees,” in Matthias Henze editor. The Textual History of the Bible (Vol. 2): Deutero-Canonical Scriptures. Leiden, Brill (2020).

“Ben Sira in Ethiopia: The Andemta Commentary on Ben Sira 1 and 24,” in Adams, Samuel L., Greg Schmidt Goering, and Matthew Goff, editors. Sirach and Its Contexts: The Pursuit of Wisdom and Human Flourishing. Leiden, Brill (2021).