Kushan Dasgupta

Postdoctoral Fellow

3365 Life Sciences Building

Kushan Dasgupta is a political and cultural sociologist who studies the roles that civil society actors play in the coordination and coproduction of scientific expertise and governmental authority. He has researched both grassroots bone marrow donation efforts and minimum wage policymaking. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Society and Genetics, he is researching how far-right groups appropriate genetics and biology research and the ways that the enduring ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate is being rearticulated by laypersons on digital media venues.

Selected publications:

Lichterman, Paul and Kushan Dasgupta. 2020. “From Culture to Claimsmaking.” Sociological Theory 38(3):236-262.

Dasgupta, Kushan. 2018. “Generosity and compliance: Recruitment-work and the pathways to participation in bone marrow donation.” Social Science & Medicine 206:86-92