Nathan Ha

2011 Ph.D., History of Science, Princeton University
2007 M.A., History of Science, Princeton University
2002 B.A., History and Biology, Rice University

Dr. Nathan Ha joined ISG as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2011. His main research interests include: the history of the biomedical sciences, especially the history of twentieth-century genetics; American cultural history; and the history of gender and sexuality. Ha is revising a manuscript, preliminarily entitled “Marking Bodies: A History of Genetic Sex in the Twentieth Century,” which examines the development of sex determination research by geneticists as they sought to locate the essence of sex in chromosomes and genes. This project explores the close interplay between scientific theories about sex and shifting cultural understandings of what it meant to have a sexuality and to be a man or a woman. At the heart of Ha’s inquiry lie broader interests in the articulation of scientific authority, the circulation of knowledge between science and the public, and the construction of biological identities. While at UCLA, he plans to offer courses on the history of the sexual sciences and the genetics of human origins.


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