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Archived Research Projects
Maternal Effects, Developmental Nutrition, And Social Behavior

  • Investigating the link between adult social behavior and maternally-derived developmental nourishment in the sweat bee, Megalopta genalis.
  • PI(s): Karen M. Kapheim

Archived Research Projects
Oral History Of Human Genetics

  • Oral history interviews with leaders and pioneers in the field of human genetics, and preservation of their archives for future research.
  • PI(s): Ed McCabe, Marcia Meldrum

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21st Century Cuisine, Nutrition And Genetics In France And The United States

  • A cross-disciplinary and transnational collaboration to investigate genetics, nutrition and cuisine in France and the United States.
  • PI(s): Hannah Landecker

Archived Research Projects
Genetics And Society High School Science Education Outreach

  • Can we use ethical dilemmas to provide to provide the context to teach genetic principles to high school students?
  • PI(s): Linda L. McCabe, Ph.D

Archived Research Projects
Genomic Sovereignty And The Comparative Biopolitics Of Race

  • The study analyzes the geneticization of race and nationality in two countries–India and Mexico
  • PI(s): Ruha Benjamin
Archived/Completed Research