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Project to Map Human Brain From Womb to Birth Releases Stunning Images

A landmark project to map the wiring of the human […]

Study Finds First Molecular Genetic Evidence of PTSD Heritability

A large new study from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium provides […]

Monkeys Get More Selective With Age

As people get older, they become choosier about how they […]

Where You Are is Who You Are: How Enclosed and Open Spaces Affect Cognition

A recent study suggests that who we are might be […]

How We Understand Others

People who empathize easily with others do not necessarily understand […]

Why People Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Why do opponents of same-sex marriage really oppose it? A […]

Is Seeing Believing? People Are Surprisingly Bad at Identifying Where Sights and Sounds Originate

Our vision and hearing aren’t as reliable as we might […]

Why We Love Equality and Hate Those Who Cheat

A four-year-old girl sees three biscuits divided between a stuffed […]