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The Spring deadline for Human Biology & Society, B.A. and B.S. major applications for Class of 2019 has now passed.

For questions about the application form or process, please contact Cyndi Tando at ctando@socgen.ucla.edu.

Human Biology & Society, B.A.

Human Biology & Society, B.S.

The Human Biology and Society major

Human Biology and Society, B.A. and Human Biology and Society, B.S. provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning about current issues at the intersections of human biology, genomics and society.

Our major degrees attempt to bridge the gap between life sciences and humanities/social sciences, generating an interdisciplinary perspective needed to address many important and current questions of ethics, history, and public policy about food and nutrition, genetics research and commercialization, genetic origins and relatedness of human populations, medical privacy rights, etc. For example, what issues are raised by genetic modification of our food crops and animals?  Who owns your body?  How expansive is your right to medical and genetic privacy?  What are the individual and social consequences of personalized genetic medicine?  What, if anything, can human biology and genetics tell us about ‘race’ and ‘identity?’  How does commercialization impact academic research?  If questions like these interest you, then the Human Biology and Society major may be an important opportunity for you.

Human Biology and Society, B.S. is good preparation for careers in medicine, public health, and other health services fields.

Human Biology and Society, B.A. is good preparation for careers in health, law, business, academia, and public policy.

Information for Pre-major/Prospective Students
Information for currently declared Human Biology and Society students




UPDATE March 13, 2017
-The Life Science 1-4 series will extend its offering until Spring 2018, with the plans to offer:

LS 1 & LS 2 – last offering in Winter 2018
LS 3 & LS 4* – last offering in Spring 2018.
*TBD whether students  who took LS 3 in Winter 18 will be transitioned into LS 107 to complete series, or offer LS 4 to complete series.

-LS 7A in Fall 2017 will be restricted to incoming first years only

Please contact the LS Core office for further information about its offering of the LS 1-4 series.

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